Workshops & Socials


Wild Mushroom Foraging

July 27 @10:00 to 3:00

There are so many tasty wild mushrooms out in the forest, but you'll need the right knowledge to fully enjoy them.

Our Wild Mushroom Foraging Workshop is a full day with a specialist in the field teaching you how to forage for the tastiest and most plentiful mushrooms.

You can find out more information on our Wild Mushroom Foraging Page, linked below.

Custom Events


Beeswax Wraps

Custom Event, Contact us for details

Have you ever used or seen beeswax wraps? They're used to wrap foods instead of wasteful plastic film or aluminum foil.

The wraps are made with beeswax, vegetable oil, and tree resin and are an essential part of a natural kitchen. They also smell amazing when they're being made!

Join Kira in the schoolhouse and make some beeswax wraps of your own to take home.

$60.00 per person plus HST



Feather Earrings Solstice Social

Custom Event, Contact Us for Details

Natural materials help highlight natural beauty and feather earrings are a perfect accent to tease a glimpse of your wild side.

Spend solstice with Kira in the schoolhouse and make your own unique set of feather earrings.

There will be fresh sourdough crackers with farm cheese, veggie spreads and garden greens, as well as great celebratory drinks. 

$30.00 plus HST


Hugelkultur and Composting

Custom Event, Contact Us for Details

Growing gardens in Central Ontario can be a real challenge. It’s a good bet that the bedrock isn’t far beneath the surface and there’s just not enough soil to work with. But you can still have gardens even if you only have sand and rocks.

There’s a garden bed technique called Hugelkultur. It’s a raised bed using woody waste. A hugel bed is made of logs, branches, brush, leaves, and compost. It’s a perfect way of fast tracking a fertile garden bed, even for places that already have some soil depth. In this workshop, we’ll be teaching you how to build a Hugelkultur garden as well as how to maximize organic household and garden waste to keep your hugel bed productive.

The workshop includes great snacks, drinks, and Red Kuri squash seeds to take home for your own hugelkultur bed.

$60.00 per person plus HST