Our passion drives us.

We moved to our home in 2004 not knowing that a journey lay in store for us.

Modest beginnings soon turned to a passionate drive for self-sufficiency and a change for humanity and the world that sustains us.

While exploring ourselves and the life we choose to lead, we have gained considerable experience in all manner of disciplines related to food, shelter, and anything that will help us create a healthy and lasting relationship with our environment, family and community.

The greatest luxuries are flavourful, nurturing food, and the safe comforts of home where time can be spent in the company of friends and family.

But our society lives in the shadow of finance-driven labour, fed by unwholesome imitations of nature’s providence.  Convenience and greed have displaced us from a symbiotic relationship with the ecology.  Our health and happiness suffer as we assign more value to commodities than we do to quality of life.

Many people have found themselves faced with stark reality of a life that lacks meaning, and a future that will never allow them to realize their full potential.  Yet after only a generation, the skills that have kept humanity thriving have been eroded. Making the transition from living as part of a machine, to living for yourself, seems daunting.

Our role at Bedrock&Brambles is to gather what knowledge we can and contribute innovation and perseverance to making lifestyle change happen.

Change for individuals, change for communities, change for society.

 Kira and Andrew von Zuben

Building self-sufficiency into your home

When most people think of homesteading, they picture the peaceful and productive nature of a rural farm.  And for those people who love to experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of peace and health, our home can provide you solace.

But if you live in the suburbs, or the concrete jungle, we can help you bring the virtues of rural living to your home.

Through changes to your home environment, changes to the food you eat, the products you buy, and changes to your perspective on the meaning of life, you can create a nurturing space wherever you live.

We can help by empowering you with knowledge and experience.
You need only have the desire to change and to learn.


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