Little Bit

Lone Larch CC Little Bit  [CAN]D128114

As our oldest buck and alpha male, Little Bit takes his job seriously. But that doesn’t mean he won’t take the time for some cuddles and kisses with his human friends.

He has a chestnut coat, striking blue eyes and is impossible for the does to resist.





Sky River Meadows Ulysses  [CAN]D133650

Champion milking runs through his blood. This handsome buckskin is a gentle giant and has a soft spot for banana peels.








Bedrock N Brambles Cloudberry  [CAN]D144917

This strapping young buck is the offspring of Little Bit and Cordelia. With his father’s charm and his mama’s good looks, this guy is sure to make some gorgeous kids.









Bedrock N Brambles Snickers  [CAN]D143632

He has his father’s (Ulysses) great looks along with his mother’s (Rhiannon) blue eyes. Snickers enjoys chin scratches, sliced apples and long walks through the goat yard.