Each of us has a unique perspective. In a world of confusing labelling and certifications, it is often difficult to take a clear stand on any one particular issue. Some people value the welfare of animals above all. Others hold great concern regarding the abuse of human resources. The plight of the environment and the effect of anthropogenic climate change is slowly gaining importance with more and more people.

A growing awareness of the fragile global food supply drives new consumer choices. Food sensitivities and toxic build-up in the food chain play an increasing importance to countless families. From socio-economic issues to unrelenting imperialism, there is greater understanding of how individual choices affect global tragedies. 

At Bedrock&Brambles, we do our best to take into consideration all of the issues at stake when we take an action, whether it is how we grow our food, to the manufactured products we use, or the choices we make when we shop. We make many compromises and very often a dilemma will prevent us from making choices with a distinct net benefit. We raise our animals with love and care, though their place on the farm is for our benefit and not wholly theirs. We grow our food organically, though we have chosen to remain un-certified in the hopes that organic agriculture becomes the norm and synthetic chemical usage in farming becomes as marginalized as the organic movement has been in the past.

We welcome any questions or concerns you may have regarding our methods and choices. Whether it is out of curiosity, diligence, or even to challenge our approach.

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