Nigerian Dwarf Goats

January 12, 2018 Andrew 0 Comments

Nigerian Dwarf goats are family friendly milk goats that are hardy and easy to manage. Their small size makes them easy to fence and handle, but they are still efficient milkers that produce a very high butterfat milk. They also have an easygoing temperament and unique personalities making them a joy to care for. For those who want to keep breeding bucks as well as does, the males are calm, gentle and friendly, though they do smell like bucks and behave, well…like bucks.

Bedrock and Brambles is a registered breeder of Nigerian Dwarf goats and we breed specifically for milk production, hardiness, and great temperament. All of our goat kids are handled with lots of love while they grow big enough to move on to new homes.

All of the grain and mineral products we feed our herd is certified organic and we use no pharmaceuticals.

Our herd is closed which means that our goats never leave our homestead and new animals are never brought in. This helps us keep our herd in peak health and free from stress and disease.

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